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gb agency, was an exhibition space, a place where social and existential realities were made, unmade and questioned; where forms and practices were invented, tested and deployed. A free place, where one can trust, where one can doubt, make mistakes, resist and criticise. A place where the word of the other can be expressed and be heard. A place that produces exchanges and sharing.

The programme of gb agency was created in the context of the late 1990s when Europe was determining itself by confronting different histories, ideologies and hopes. Today, its exhibitions experiment with equivalences of values at a time when neoliberalism is constantly multiplying its forms. Its productions and commitments bear witness to a global world in which geopolitical issues rub shoulders with more immediate questions. Its narratives, from the private to the public sphere, draw the relations between the political and the intimate, between the collective and the individual, from the great universal narratives to everyday gestures. Its temporality, one in which the past continually intrudes, observes the world, from its dangerous identity drifts to its most humanistic aspirations.

gb agency is built on a distanced reading of our relationship to reality and on a non-linear rereading of our art history, one that pays homage to free and sinuous paths and not to categorised and validated movements. Like Robert Breer’s transgressive and elusive Floats, life crosses the exhibition space, which becomes the ground where the movements of the body and human relationships play out in an organic and free manner.

Solene Guillier, Co-Founder
Nathalie Boutin, Co-Founder

gb agency

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