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For Eyes That Listen

Group show with works by Július Koller
Arter, Istanbul
Until July 25, 2021

Drawn from the Arter Collection, the group exhibition For Eyes That Listen features 23 works, many of which with a strong musical connection. Taking its reference from John Cage’s experimental approach that combines the use of silence with aleatory music alongside indeterminacy in his art, as well as from various Fluxus artists, the exhibition invites visitors to explore and imagine “sounds” evoked by the works within the overall silence prevailing in the gallery space. Following Cage’s assertion that there is “no absolute silence”, For Eyes That Listen encourages us to change our ways of listening and seeing, unveiling the fog that inhibits us from discovering the creative and imaginary powers embedded in our sensory system. The exhibition aims to create a meditative pendulum between the real and the imaginary through the juxtaposition in its selection and exhibit of few works featuring sound with those having none at all.

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