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October 14 – December 31 2022

Omer Fast: Karla

As part of Sites during Paris+ by Art Basel, gb agency is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Omer Fast in the Chapelle des Petits-Augustins at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

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December 1 – February 28 2023

Olu Ogunnaike: An enclosed garden

Olu Ogunnaike’s experimental art practice lies between sculpture, printmaking, performance and installation. Taking trees and the products made from them as repositories of memory within the places and communities in which they grow, he cites wood as a marker of possible encounters: between past and present; between people and the spaces they inhabit.

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December 9 – March 31 2023

Mac Adams: The Room Upstairs

The works exhibited at gb agency are linked by the theme of architectural fragmentation. The Room Upstairs, Behind the Door and The Liminal Body deal with the extraction from the whole while revealing partially told narratives.

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April 28 – May 31 2023

The Spoon Project

Pratchaya Phinthong

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April 19 – September 30 2023

Majd Abdel Hamid: Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory, is a tribute to the city in which Majd Abdel Hamid
has lived for the last several years: Beirut.