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The Scorpion Snuff Box: A Visual Journey Into a queer Novel

Group show including the works of Tirdad Hashemi & Soufia Erfanian
Maria Theresia Bastilion (St Hector), Timișoara
June 30 - July 20, 2023

The exhibit starts from the novel The Scorpion (Der Skorpion), published in the interwar period by German writer of Romanian origin Anna Elisabet Weirauch (1887-1970).

The novel becomes a start point in formulating a broader perspective on the image of the lesbian and, based on that, we developed a multidisciplinary, multimedia exhibit in the form of activism, carefully navigating narratives absent or little known in local culture which are still relevant today.

Through the exhibit Herstory of our queer futures or The scorpion snuff box - a visual journey into a queer novel, we imagine a journey through the ideas of the novel, in which the author offers a subjective exploration formulated through the surrealist method of objective chance in a “lesbian” universe of other times and places, expanded and updated on multiple planes with modern-day nuances. Objective chance is evoked by historical surrealism as a creative method based on an encounter with an external cause whose emotional impact generates a passion.

A collaborative curatorial project based on research by Iulia Dondorici and Valentina Iancu; coordinator Elena Radu.

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