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The Role of a Lifetime at e-flux Video & Film

Online presentation
e-flux Video & Film
March 1 - 31, 2022

Deimantas Narkevičius’ work The Role of a Lifetime has been highlighted for the month of March at e-flux’ Video & Film section, one created to relive the thrill of discovery formerly experienced in video rental stores, with personalized picks curated through judgment that does not take into consideration your viewing history.

Narkevičius’s film combines three distinct elements. The first is his interview with Peter Watkins, recorded in Lithuania where Watkins lived for many years following his self-imposed exile from Britain. The second is a sequence of landscape drawings, some depicting an unusual theme park, Gruto Park, repository of statues from the Soviet era. The third comprises scenes of Brighton shot over an extended period by an amateur film enthusiast and never intended for public consumption. These nostalgic and sometimes elegiac film sequences provide a surprisingly apposite counterpoint to Watkins’s commentary on the work of the documentary film director. The Role of a Lifetime raises questions about the ethical and social responsibilities of the artist and about the relationship between cinematic representation and historical record. Narkevičius’s film emphasizes the value of doubt and the impossibility of objectivity, while providing us with an intimate portrait of one of Britain’s most distinguished and original filmmakers. (Teresa Gleadowe)

To watch the film and other picks, follow the link.


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