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The immeasurable and World's End

Group show with works by Deimantas Narkevicius and Pratchaya Phinthong
JWD Art Space, Bangkok
30 April - 28 August, 2022

The Immeasurable and World’s End focuses on the process of memory as a subjective experience of time, where collective memory is conceived as a sociocultural process of producing time in society. The ghostly temporality of ongoing entanglement of “what was/ is/ to-come”, as a dynamism of forces in which all things are constantly diffracting, influencing and working inseparably. It assembles a superposition of multiple places and times by taking account of all possible histories.

The exhibition looks into the oeuvres of 11 individual artists, 1 duo and 2 collectives from Australia, India, Lithuania, South Korea and Thailand. Each body of work defines a string of moments, whilst being situated in a shared space, the exhibition demonstrates the coexistence of different time layers in the same moment, the multidirectional temporal movements between past, present and future.

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