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Dominique Petitgand: L’écoute essaimée

Sound Installations
Musée Réattu, Arles
May 20 - October 2, 2022

My proposal is a long, global, fragmented narrative, hollowed out by the silences and the ellipses, capsizing from the familiar to the unknown, along a path carried by voices, by their presences and absences, their entreaties, their suggestions. I am presenting a work in three parts: three in situ sound installations in the rooms of the collection of the museum Réattu. Three simple installations with discreet speakers hung on the walls at different heights, forming a path. Three compositions with voices and silences: very short and cut-out sentences, words and syllables suspended in a vacuum. This proposal articulates two main types of listening: a floating, environmental and transient listening which allows the surrounding space to exist and does not completely occupy space or time (for the two rooms, the “portrait” room and the “grey paintings” room, where the sound work takes place amongst others in the collection of the museum) and immersive listening (voices interspersed and accompanied by short musical sequences, waves and vibrations, in a third room, known as the “Gothic Chapel,” a dedicated space, with no presence other than sound).
Dominique Petitgand

Avec le soutien du CNAP - Centre national des arts plastiques

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Photo © François Deladerrière


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