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Someone else. Des enfants, des étrangers

Group show with works by Omer Fast
Museum für neue Kunst, Freiburg
March 25 - October 9, 2022

We are all children, someone’s child, for life. Some of us are parents ourselves. We grow up in different family constellations, cultural and social contexts that shape us. We belong whether we want to or not. Nevertheless, we are all fundamentally different, which separates us and makes us strangers - including children and parents, lovers and friends.

Someone Else focuses on this fundamental and enduring strangeness, which is not the result of alienation . What does it mean for people living together? And for our conceptions of familiar and foreign? What about our identity and our dealings with strangers?

The works of international artists pursue these questions. After the death of his father, Erik Levine discovered film footage in his estate. They show him as an unknown who has kept a large part of his life a secret from his son. For her supposed family portraits, Jamie Diamond puts together groups of strangers and thus plays with the viewer’s expectations. Omer Fast’s film Continuity deals with what happens when parents cannot accept the loss of their child. After the death of their son, a couple stages his return with changing actors.

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