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Roman Ondak, Centre Pompidou

Group exhibition and performance
Centre Pompidou, Paris
2 July, 2014 - 7 March, 2016.

Roman Ondak will play his perfomance from 2004 entitled Crowd at Centre Pompidou on Monday, June 30th from 6:00 pm.

Within a new display of the collection called ‘Une histoire. Art, architecture et design des années 1980 à nos jours’, the curator Christine Macel will also present the piece Common Trip by Roman Ondak.

A new presentation of the contemporary collections of the Centre Pompidou, “Une histoire”, enables viewers to discover over 400 works in the Museum dating from the Eighties to the present day: a first-time opportunity to look back at the art of the last 30 years. With paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, films, drawings, photographs and architectural and design models, it offers a themed circuit through ultra-contemporary creation, with the works of nearly 180 artists and some 50 architects and designers from 55 countries. Some of the works presented only entered the collection recently, while many others are being exhibited for the first time. The history of art during the last thirty years encompasses the globalisation phenomenon, with the emergence– in the eyes of Western countries – of new artistic territories all over the world.


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