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Prospectif cinema: Ce qui nous pousse

Screening including the work of Majd Abdel Hamid
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Septembre 29, 2022, 7 pm

Through the evocation of the political, socio-economic contexts, of the external forces which are throwing more and more men, women and children onto the roads, the artists underline the incredible inner strength it takes to resist, move on, run away and just exist in such situations. They put at the heart of these migratory occurrences, the individual, its fragility and tenacity, its nightmares and dreams, its suffered or chosen invisibility, its resilience, its freedom.

The works paint subtle portraits of men, women and children caught up in an eminently political daily life. They evoke the reasons for leaving, the tribulations of a journey or the difficult adaptation to a new identity. Inhabited by their forced uprooting or haunted by that of their parents or their grandparents, the artists conjure up political assignments and give flesh to an experience that its over-mediatization has transformed into a cliché and emptied of reality.

Some inscribe their subjects in a geography and a temporality, leaving it to the succession of sequence shots to reveal waiting lives. Others undermine cinematographic grammar to better convey the constraints that weigh on tossed lives and the inner strength it takes to free oneself from them. They immerse their characters in the instability of fragmentary framing and delicate montages, without beginning or end, which refer to violence, shattered dreams and daily difficulties. The camera is their best ally, like an alter ego. Located at a good distance, horizontal and tender, she records voices and gestures with naturalness, understanding, sometimes with humor.

Anaïs-Tohé Commaret, What drives us (2021, 22 min 28 s)
Majd Abdel Hamid, Double Sheet (2021, 5 min 51 s)
Fadi Idris, La Veine de la vie (2018, 9 min 44 s)
Sara Kontar, A wave (2021, 3 min 30 s). 3350 km (2022, 8 min 50 sec)
Mykola Ridnyi, NO, NO, NO (2017, 22 mins)
Zoya Laktionova, Diorama (2018, 11 min 18 s)

Screening followed by a conversation between the artists, Stéphanie Cottin, curator and Alicia Knock, curator at the Center Pompidou.

This session is in partnership with the Portes Ouvertes sur l’art association, which accompanies artists in exile with professionals, collectors and partners, in a spirit of openness and research.

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