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Pia Rönicke: Drifting Woods

Solo show
Munkeruphus Art Center, Dronningmølle
August 28 - October 30, 2022

This autumn’s exhibition, Drifting Woods, is created by Pia Rönicke (DK) and is the culmination of the artist’s many years of research and research in forests and trees, which Rönicke sees as nomadic walkers who are constantly changing and moving across the globe with and without human intervention.

Drifting Woods is a branching and cinematic installation, where stories from the northern forest are retold, and where anthropological research, historical archive material and factual knowledge are intertwined with personal interviews and pictorial poetic recordings of the forest’s own time, life and decay.

Drifting Woods has been developed as a traveling exhibition, which in 2021 was shown in Sweden at Gävle Art Center, the former forest museum Silvanum , and which is hereby connected with Munkeruphus’ former resident Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, who between 1957-62 designed all exhibitions at Silvanum in boats their design and content, and where everything from forest industry, botany, geology to the forest as a cultural landscape was addressed. Documents from this unknown history are in Munkeruphus’ archives, which will be reactivated in the exhibition.

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