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Paul Heintz: Du court toujours

Projection of 3 films by Paul Heintz
Centre Pompidou, Paris
May 11, 2023, 8pm. Cinema 2, Level -1

Paul Heintz works to describe, to reveal the intertwining of life, reality and fiction, in a dizzying circulation taking place in daring, accomplished, ever-renewed forms. The most prosaic reality seems to be a virtuality, a possibility, an illusion like any other. This session brings together three of his four films made since 2015, while his artistic practice also takes the form of videos, sound creations, performances and installations.

France, 2018, color, 18 min
To the rhythm of a solitary drift, an arsonist reveals himself. Between lived, dream and imaginary his word releases his unconscious relationship to fire.

Shānzhài Screens
France, 2020, color, 24 min, vostf
It’s night time in Shenzhen, copyist painters talk about their daily life and their practice. Their gestures borrow as much from an artistic imaginary as from a working one, from recent technologies as from classical techniques. It is another history of painting that takes shape here.

France, 2021, color, 50 min, vostf
Paul Heintz starts looking for Winston Smith. He publishes an ad in the English daily newspaper The Sun to find namesakes of the hero of George Orwell’s novel 1984. He provokes a collision between fiction and reality. The daily life of these illustrious strangers is gradually contaminated by the imaginary.


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