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M+ Community Pilot Project—L Community

Project by Pak Sheung Chuen
M+, Hong Kong
From November 12, 2021

The M+ Community Pilot Project is a socially driven initiative that empowers artists and community partners to explore the possibilities of social service through creative practices. We believe that engaging social workers and communities in activities that prioritise creativity and diverse perspectives can foster imaginations, cultivate an inclusive environment that offers new opportunities for underrepresented communities, and create hopes for the future.

L Community is a continuation of artist Pak Sheung Chuen’s project L, initiated at the 2012 exhibition Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei. The project began with a creative enquiry into the artist’s work and mindset. L Community attempts to shed light on his creative practice. The initiative demonstrates how his simple concepts can be evolved into numerous possibilities for community experiences through the reimagination of the mundane details of everyday life.

A series of experimental activities will be organized at M+ and across other community venues. This display at the M+ Learning Hub will track the project’s progress. Through this process, Pak hopes to inspire participants to start their own creative experiments.

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