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Dominique Petitgand, Lunge und Nerven

Lunge und Nerven (le poumon et les nerfs)
Solo show
PEAC Museum, Fribourg-en-Brisgau
17 November -17 December 2023

within the frame of Sound Body Space, curated by Lea Altner
A museum without objects—a space for experiencing art beyond the visual. For one month from 17 November 2023, PEAC Museum will present two artistic projects focusing on sound and the body as part of the experimental programme SOUND BODY SPACE. French sound artist Dominique Petitgand will create an expansive work whose fragmented, abstract sounds will spread throughout the entire museum. Theater Freiburg’s School of Life and Dance is developing a piece that invites visitors to explore the space with their own bodies. SOUND BODY SPACE thus opens up new perspectives on the relationship between space, artwork and audience, which is characteristic of the works in the Paul Ege Art Collection. Both projects are being developed independently of each other and will be presented alternately.

Dominique Petitgand works with an inventory of recorded voices, silences, noises, and music, which he weaves into soundscapes by means of montage and editing. His sound works construct and deconstruct memories and associations in equal measure, and thus occupy a space between reality and fiction. The work “Le poumon et les nerfs” (Engl. “Lung and Nerves”), produced especially for PEAC Museum, focuses on physical experience—both of the artist in the working process as well as of the visitors while listening—transforming the soundscape itself into a living organism.

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