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Les trois pointillés

6 pieces, permanent listening
(1 new piece each month)
Chambre d’écoute, Musée Réattu, Arles
May 20 - October 2, 2022

“It all starts with listening.
Listen to a person, listen to the recording, then listen to the editing being done and finding its shape. Later, listen to a place, listen to its resonance and the diffusion of voices and the silences between sounds. A practice built up for several years around a common thread: the voices. Voices cut out and unfolded in places to the extent of which they unfold and resonate. The voice recordings, the harvest of words and presences - this raw material, reserve of potential narratives - produce sound architectures and miniature narrations, micro-universes where ambiguity remains permanently between a principle of reality and a projection. in a possible fiction, out of context and timeless. During this process, the voices are accompanied by noises, musical elements and silences, mingling with them, in dialogue or in tension, in fragmented or concentrated mixes which give rise to multiple versions. At each stage, this questioning: what place should be left for the person listening? This place which is that of the artist during the recordings becomes by turning around, after his withdrawal, the vacant place which should be left as open and hospitable as possible, for a fixed or moving listening, dug in his. form and free in his experience, capsizing from the familiar to the unknown. Listening as an investigation, an interpretation, a moving thought.”

Dominique Petitgand, 2021 

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