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Le temps est détraqué (Théâtre des expositions)

Group show with works by Július Koller
Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris
April 13 - May 23, 2021

Le temps est détraqué focuses on the possibilities of autonomous temporal spaces and the scenic potential of a gathering place. By mixing various temporalities, their anachronistic and ghostly aspects, this exhibition questions a presence and experience that is born from our surroundings.

The poetic environment exists here through the works, conceived in resonance with each other and with the space itself. Composed of technological waste, playful, illusory gestures, various devices, the flashing light and electrical energy that powers them, the works provoke fleeting images of the real abandoned, both deranged and mad in a deranged time. The fluidity of this unreal spectacle oscillates between a “romantic sobriety” and a “contemporary baroque”. The random and synchronized visual and acoustic elements unfold like a score made up of digital parameters, as in the logic of the sound language, magical and universal “Zaoum” of the Russian futurist Khlebnikov. The spectators can enter, pass, hallucinate, think, forget or dream… They find themselves in a cognitive labyrinth that leads to an individual experience through sensory cues. Sometimes, by their mere presence, they embody the plastic expression of this relational study and the way the human body experiences it.

Artists presented: Flora Bouteille, Léa de Cacqueray Aurélia Declercq, Katya Ev, Tania Gheerbrant, Francisco de Goya, Claire Isorni, Július Koller, Prosper Legault, Victor Villafagne, Thomas Teurlai.
Exhibition activated by Thomas Benard, Vincent Rioux and Tanguy Roussel.
In collaboration with Grégoire Rousseau and Nora Sternfeld.
Curator: Simona Dvořáková, resident curator in the “Exhibition Professions” programme, assisted by Johanna Fayau, Yannis Ouaked and Rémi Parcollet.

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