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El Hotel Eléctrico at M HKA with Robert Breer, Roman Ondak and Yann Sérandour

Group exhibition
M HKA, Antwerpen
21st February - 11th May 2014.

Group show with Robert Breer, Roman Ondak and Yann Sérandour at MUHKA.
Opening Thursday 20th February 2014.

When animation leaves the confined frame of the movie screen and pops up in a museum, it no longer offers the visitor a purely visual experience, but rather creates a space in which exploration is encouraged. El Hotel Eléctrico was conceived as a visual essay, a space-related experience. Animation here is understood as entering a force field: the manipulation of images and objects in ‘staged’ museum rooms, the bridging of intervals.

In El Hotel Eléctrico, visitors step into another time and space. For much like a hotel, a museum is a place where every visitor is but a temporary guest. The tension between public and private, between neutral interiors and personalized objects, between waking and sleeping, and between working and dreaming creates playful contrasts in every single ‘room’ of El Hotel Eléctrico.


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