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Dove Allouche: Tableau Périodique

Solo show
Le Musée de Bagnes, Bassin de compensation de Fionnay
July 15 - October 1, 2023

“When vaporized, matter generates a continuous energy that propagates in the form of a characteristic wavelength. So each chemical element has its own emission spectrum, unique to it like a fingerprint. The result is a set of images comparable to the music of atomic spheres, where each emission spectrum has its own intensity pattern, distinct monochromatic radiations visualized as fine, colored lines interspersed with black bands.” Dove Allouche, April 2023.

Enigmatic works open to multiple interpretations, the colored lines of the elements in Dove Allouche’s Tableau Périodique are obtained by spectroscopy. Thirty images of the first elements discovered by man.

Curator: Jean-Paul Felley, Director of EDHEA

In conjunction with the exhibition, the artist’s book Dove Allouche - Periodic Table is published by the Musée de Bagnes and Roma Publications.


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