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Diversity United: Contemporary European Art

Group show with works by Roman Ondak
Tempelhof Airport Berlin, hangar 2, 3, Berlin
June 8 - September 19, 2021

While the world is fully consumed by the fight against the pandemic, central themes and concerns of Diversity United—freedom and globalization, the corrosion of democracy, (fear of) the future, solidarity and divisiveness—are more urgent than ever before.
At a time of global helplessness and an increasing loss of confidence in politics, art demands social interaction. Diversity United assembles works from established and emerging artists, representing different generations, genders and regions, and makes the case for a European dialogue, focusing on themes such as freedom and democracy, migration and territory as well as political and personal identity. As of June the exhibition will be on view in the iconic halls of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin until September 19, 2021.

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