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Deimantas Narkevicius, The Fifer

Solo show
Base / Progetti per l’arte, Firenze
Dec 3, 2021 - Feb 9, 2022

Base / Art Projects presents on Friday 3 December 2021, the project entitled The Fifer that Deimantas Narkevičius, Lithuanian artist, had conceived before the pandemic specifically for the non-profit space in Florence - a space founded and managed since 1998 by a collective of artists of different generations - and that after the presentation of its different versions in Paris and Vilnius finally arrives in Florence in the place where it was intended from the beginning.

The Fifer installation is made up of minimal and simple elements that take the form of a holographic video, a sculpture of a flute and two framed b / w photographs and also a melody emitted through two special speakers. The flute is presented in its essence - or as its ghost - as it is proposed as a bronze fusion of its interior and displayed on a shelf with the four pieces that make it up in sequence. The holographic screen, on the other hand, allows the manifestation of the volumetric image of a nightingale, which flies in and out of our field of vision. This digital bird reproduces the rhythms and melodies of nightingales in nature, however, mixing with the natural sounds imitated by a flute. The dialogue between natural and artificial, between copy and original intertwine seamlessly. The same tension is also staged by the two photographs on display, one of which is an archive piece from the 1920s, the other a digital reconstruction of the simulation of the scene seen from the outside, that is, from outside the window.


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