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Cally Spooner with collaborators: Duration

Solo project
Overgaden, København
August 26 - October 29, 2023

Running at O—Overgaden between June 2022 and October 2023, DEADTIME TALKS is an artist-initiated, audience-led talk series hosted by O—Overgaden’s current research fellow, Cally Spooner, with typographer Will Holder, O—Overgaden’s Director Rhea Dall, and guests. Since June 2022, each talk has explored a different temporality—Asynchronicity, Rehearsal, The Present Tense, and Undetectability—fluctuating between live performance, conversation, and academic content, in order to build a conversation on how “performance” has come to govern the entire realm of our social bonds, and then ask how such governance might be resisted by adopting alternative models of time.

For the final iteration of the DEADTIME TALKS series, O—Overgaden presents DURATION:

For DURATION, the evening talks format takes an unexpected twist and extends into an eight-week event. An elongated space of conversation and experimentation will transform O—Overgaden into a research laboratory, and dance and sound studio, in which collaborators and influences arrive to collide and support the making of new repertoire for an opera in progress.

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