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Cally Spooner: A Hypothesis of Resistance (III)

A series of essays by Cally Spooner
Mousse Magazine, on print and online
from Mousse #81 (Fall 2022) to #85 (Fall 2023)

A Hypothesis of Resistance is a series of five essays on “performance” by artist Cally Spooner. In each, Spooner holds and examines temporalities that defy and eclipse the standardizations which drive individual and societal bodies to perform toward an entirely metric-oriented future.

Beginning with “On Asynchronicity,” then extending to “Rehearsal,” “The Present Tense,” “Undetectability,” and “Duration,” A Hypothesis of Resistance is unfolding over five issues of the magazine, from Mousse #81 (Fall 2022) to #85 (Fall 2023).

To read the third part, click here.


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