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40 ans du Frac ! Gunaikeîon

Group show including the work of Tirdad Hashemi & Soufia Erfanian and Cally Spooner
Frac Île de France, Romainville
October 15 - December 16, 2023

For the Frac’s 40th anniversary, the aim is both to rethink the institution’s history, written in particular through its collection, and to work towards common, desirable futures.

The Gunaikeîon exhibition invites several curators to write their own narratives based on works from the collection and in encounter with other invited works. Traditionally, the gunaikeîon was the apartment in Greek and Roman houses where women spent most of their time, and which was set apart so that they had no direct contact with the street. The aim of this exhibition, on the contrary, is to open up the spaces of the Frac’s Réserves and the Fiminco Foundation’s Chaufferie to the surrounding neighborhoods and the sounds of the world. The exhibition will unfold in several chapters, each of which will update the collection in line with the curators’ respective obsessions, rooted in contemporary society.

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