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BREEZE 2: Elise Legal and Pierre Delmas

gb agency, Paris
January 9 - 23, 2021

In the second iteration of Breeze, a balancing act unfolds between the work of Elise Legal and Pierre Delmas, recent graduates from the Lyon and Paris schools of fine arts, respectively. Released from any affiliations to specific mediums, the spectator drifts freely, visually and conceptually, from the intriguing grain of an 8mm film, to sensual large-format drawings; from the media images with which our sense of reality is casually - if relentlessly - manipulated, to their ghostly, physical props.

Breeze is a cycle of short exhibitions that we have proposed to young artists of the French scene. Until March, their proposals will punctuate the program of the gallery. These practices, however singular, confront the exhibition space, a necessary place of exchange that, in our present context, seems to be disembodied.


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