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Group show including the work of Yann Sérandour
IMEC, Abbaye d’Ardenne, St Germain-La-Blanche-Herbe
June 10 - Octobre 23, 2022

Exceptional pieces: the tumultuous erasures of Arthur Schopenhauer, the collages of William S. Burroughs, the summaries of Isaac Newton, the little album made by Gisèle Freund, the notebooks saturated with colors by Julije Knifer…

Bound, sewn sheets, DIY notebooks, meticulous foldings, meticulous alignments. Why this stationery, why this care? From its first sketches, the writing thinks of the book, tends to the book. In its drive, creation takes the form of an untimely, singular body that tells in its own way the expectation of sharing that the book embodies.

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