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Solo – Nature Study Notes, 1969-2019 | Conference Pierre Bal-Blanc

Conference: REFLEXIO | 1
Pierre Bal-Blanc
Université Paris 8, 18h30
26 October, 2021

Solo – Nature Study Notes, 1969-2019
By Pierre Bal-Blanc

Score: Members of the public are free to position themselves in the exhibition space. Each rite selected from the (royalty-free) Nature Study Notes score of the Scratch Orchestra dated 1969 is isolated and legibly printed or woven on clothing worn by the performer. Each rite is activated in such a way as to affect the performer as much as the audience, and to modify their respective positions in space. Each rite is performed before removing the corresponding garment. Each item of clothing removed by the performer is thrown into the space where the action takes place. A solo musician accompanies each rite, either playing in tandem with the performer or building a continuum from another selection of rites. Credits are indicated by initials that correspond to the original score.

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