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Inaugural show, Collection Pinault, Bourse de Commerce

Group show with works by Ryan Gander
Collection Pinault - Bourse de Commerce, Paris
Until December 31, 2021

During its inaugural exhibition, the collection Pinault - Bourse de Commerce presents the work of Ryan Gander inside the building’s rotunda.

Author of a multifaceted body of work, Ryan Gander (b. 1976 in Chester, UK) lives and works in London. He uses a vast array of media to question the mechanisms of perceiving an artwork within a complex relationship between reality and fiction. The majority of his production explores, in one way or another, absence, loss, invisibility, latency. With I… I… I…(2019), Ryan Gander stages an animatronic mouse with a stutter, nestled in a hole in the wall, surprising visitors as they wait for the elevator. Trapped in its animated “loop”, this unlikely mouse, condemned to live cycle after cycle of the same experience to the point of exhaustion, encourages us to think and even smile about our own condition.

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