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Elina Brotherus: Large de Vue

Solo show
Arter, Istanbul
Until August 27, 2023

Featuring Elina Brotherus’ photographic series titled Large de Vue: Hommage à Erik Satie [Breadth of Vision: Homage to Erik Satie, 2006] from the Arter Collection together with a selection of her more recent video works, this exhibition provides an overall view of Brotherus’ artistic practice by placing particular emphasis on the relations her works forge with art history, as well as with music and sound.

Relying on autobiographical elements especially during the early periods of her artistic practice in the mid-1990s, Brotherus continues to include her own image in later series where she has moved towards more formal preoccupations inspired by art history and the painterly tradition. In The New Painting (2000–2004) series, the artist’s first step towards a broadening of the scope of her practice beyond personal experiences and narratives, and in her later sets of works, Brotherus often chooses to turn her back – rather than her face – towards the camera as a gesture evocative of the figures depicted in German romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings. Embodying a model whose field of vision coincides with the viewer’s, Brotherus assumes an impressionistic stance, exploring the work’s formal and visual qualities, alongside variations in light and colour.

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