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Dominique Petitgand at Jardin des Plantes

Sound installation
Jardin des Plantes
Until November 19th, 2012

Rose garden, n°17, during Hors Les Murs
2002 / 2009
Sound installation with 2 speakers

The installation Exhalations is outside, situated in a park, and takes place behind a bench. Two loudspeakers on the ground, in the back of the seated listeners, spread sequences of a few seconds, interrupted with silences and distributed in brightness. Every sequence, introduced and closed by voices without text (exhalations, breaths, hummings), sets up a rumour, an unstable state which adds up in sounds naturally produced by the place and the urban surroundings. The listening of the place is caused, favored, found all the more as for a few seconds prevented. The sounds of the broadcasted work, as stimuli, sublayers, switches closure - opening of the ear. The voices, presences and exhalations, as a skin, intermediate enter the inside (the sounds of the work) and the outside (the sounds of the place).


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