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Between Earthly Beings and the Unknown Cosmic World: The Continent

Group show including the work of Július Koller
The Július Koller Society, Bratislava
June 9 - August 25, 2023

The exhibition explores the engaged and contemplative practice(s) of Julius Koller – his visions for more politically just and ecologically sound worlds with the poetics of variety of international artists.

The common denominator of the JKS archive a contemporary art practice je “imaginative geography”. For Koller, its mainly his search for mythical Atlantis - the metaphoric movement from Mediterranean Sea shifting to Bermuda Triangle. For the exhibiting artists “imaginative geography” is a tool for navigating their relationship with countries’ boundaries, their constant shifting which complicates social and ecological solidarity. All the artists are very aware of the ecological danger: the water will raise and destroy existing societal relations, but how are they going to look like after the flood?

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