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Apostolos Georgiou, Situations

Retrospective exhibition
Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation, You Space, Extra space, Shenzhen, China
March 10–August 11, 2018

Apostolos Georgiou, Situations
40-year retrospective

Lecture: with curator Barry Schwabsky
March 10, 2018 2pm
Education Studio, 2F, Design Society, The Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Apostolos Georgiou is the leading painter of contemporary Greece and increasingly recognized internationally, especially since his participation in Documenta 14 last year.

For Georgiou’s first exhibition in Asia, the Frank F. Yang Foundation is presenting some of the artist’s most recent work both on canvas and paper along with a selection of works from throughout his career, beginning in the 1970s. The exhibition has been curated by the American art critic and poet Barry Schwabsky, a longtime admirer and interpreter of Georgiou’s art. He has titled the exhibition “Situations,” referring to how these figurative works present, not stories, but something more like diagrams of relationships among people and things. Together, Georgiou and Schwabsky will discuss situations of all sorts, ranging from the situation of an artist from a small and ancient country to a globalized world to the situation of painting in the age of technology, among others.


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