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Anticorps - Website

Group show with works by Dominique Petitgand
Palais de Tokyo, Paris

The exhibition Anticorps at the Palais de Tokyo continues online with a comprehensive website with texts, videos and images of all exhibited works. Follow the link to enjoy it.

The worldwide experience of lockdown and the adoption of social and physical distancing have made us reconsider the idea that our bodies are sealed units. Did we forget how porous we actually are?

Becoming aware of our vulnerability triggered the rise of borders, fences and barriers around our bodies, homes, social circles and countries, bristled with concerns and suspicions. This situation has increased already existing inequalities, when it comes to class privilege and exposure to risks. But in the deepening separation between public and private, we became aware that we actually touch and are touched more than we used to, which compels us to redefine our connections as well as our proximities.


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