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All Criteria This Position Any Moment

Performance exhibition choreographed by Cally Spooner
Hause N Athen
September 18 - 19, 2020

Curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc with Victor Burgin and Cally Spooner, in reference with Yannis Tsarouchis.
Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September, 2020 at 5, 6 and 7 pm each day.
Reservation required:

Performed by Efthimios Moschopoulos
Duration 45 min

Kairi 6, 2nd floor. Monastiraki. Athina 105 5

Victor Burgin’s three conceptual works “This position…”. 1969 - “Any moment…” 1970 - “All criteria…” 1970, each consisting of instructions printed on double page A4 format, must be presented in isolation from each other in a large room or connected rooms that can accommodate an audience. The presentation of the pieces returns to its original mode (transmitted by the French art agent Ghislain Mollet-Viéville following his conversation with the English artist), i.e. instructions ‘cut up’ and placed around the wall in order to ‘occupy’ a room. The signed and numbered originals under glass will be shown in another adjacent room. The activation of each piece is carried out by a nude or semi-nude model with reference to “The Forgotten Guard” dated 1957 by Yannis Tsarouchis. A painting which will be brought to the attention of the audience through documents in the antechamber of the exhibition.

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