Cally Spooner, On False Tears & Outsourcing - Financiers are trained to produce tears, 2015

Cally Spooner, Exhibition view, Cally Spooner: On False Tears and Outsourcing, Vleeshal, Netherlands, 2015

Outdoor sign, Stanislavski Method actor trainer, Stanislavski actor workshop, financiers, 1 weekend

An outdoor sign announcing the gallery is closed and a workshop in which financiers train to spontaneously cry, are the components of this work. A Stanislavski acting teacher must be hired to provide an all-expenses-paid-for workshop for Financiers, who can sign-up to lean the art of triggering their inner emotional selves on demand. Training must take place in an ‘intimate space’, it is therefore necessary to close the gallery to the public. Since few financers tend to sign up to the workshop, often the 8ft sign announcing the gallery’s closure is, alone, sufficient.