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Tirdad Hashemi

Tirdad Hashemi was born in 1991 in Teheran, Iran. She lives and works between Paris, Teheran and Berlin.

Whether on paper or canvas, often in small formats and depending on the means at hand, people agitate, congregate and break out. Sometimes they seem to free themselves from all constraints and conventions, and sometimes they suffocate on our rules of decorum, finally vomiting all over our well-meaning societies.

In her own words, the artist may not be “an activist that dwells in the streets, but an activist with the lifestyle [she has] chosen”. Hashemi will never feel free from her home country, Iran, but somehow, she will remain a foreigner, a stranger wherever she goes.Art is her only necessity, her true home.The only place she can express fully.The only place where she can be at the same time herself and others, because in this space, everything is still possible.

“Painting, in my working process, always starts from a story and continues like a dream. Everything is always possible in sleep.” Tirdad Hashemi

Pierre Bal-Blanc: I GOT UP

Group exhibition
gb agency, Paris
October 19 - Novembre 13, 2021

BREEZE 5: Tirdad Hashemi: Wet Plastic Fragile Heart

Solo exhibition
gb agency, Paris
March 17 - May 23, 2021


The dance wounds wrapped around my waist, 2021
Sweetheart, Your hair grows the crops of the loneliness plant, 2021
Even your delicate plastic knife could not cure my knife phobia, 2021
11 janvier, 2020
Anywhere you go, sad is sad, 2020
Drops of honey are stuck on your body, 2020
I got scared for the first time, 2020
I have claustrophobia, 2020
If corona don’t kill us we kill each other, 2020
Stuttering language, 2020
The difficult life of an easy girl, 2020
There’s finally a light at the end of the road, 2020
Traumatizing family, 2020
It’s raining arrows darling, 2017
Life is hard or you are Yellow?, 2017
Snow in the throat, 2017
We have to talk, 2017
Do you wanna join?, 2016
We failed the dog, 2016
Aaaah ça fait longtemps, 2015
Absence, 2015
Being apart is extremely hard, I wish our lives would end together, 2015
Good Wasted, 2015
Human Lunch Box, 2015
Jump in the air cause youth is over soon, 2015
Mother of night, 2015
Mum I have cut my hair again, 2015
Singing the last stanzas of the international, 2015
Taming the Panda, a hopeless task, 2015
The letters that never arrived, 2015
Too sad, I won't tell, 2015
We are not from Here, 2015
When I try to throw away the past, 2015
Who eats soul food for lunch, 2015
The tree of jealousy, 2014