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Mac Adams

Mac Adams was born in 1943 in South Wales. He lives and works in New York.

For more than 30 years Mac Adams has explored the narrative potential of photography and installation, composing and constructing mysterious scenes on the border of social norms. Potential homicides, victims and could-be assassins populate his compositions, held together by a series of clues, carefully and methodically left by artist.

The story and its fragmented reading is the essential element in the work of Mac Adams, a leading figure in the narrative photography movement of the 1970s. Whereas Conceptual Art and Minimalism accessed pieces of evidence, documents, and auxiliary information from outside the work, Mac Adams continues to reveal a story from entirely within the frame. Taking his inspiration from popular culture, crime movies, film noire, and mystery novels, he creates static fictions within a tableau.

Using a process that is cinematographic as much as photographic, theatrical as sculptural, he invites viewers into the space-time of the work. These frozen moments, like the space between sequential moving images, are imbedded with multiple narratives, speaking from an indefinite place found between what we see and what we know exists.

Traverser la nuit: works from the collection of Antoine de Galbert

Group show with works by Mac Adams, Robert Breer
MAAT, Lisbon
March 12 - August 8, 2022


Solo show
Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba
August 26 - March 6, 2022

The Invisible Image: gb agency at Sfeir Semler, Hamburg

Duo show with works by Mac Adams and Dove Allouche
Sfeir-Semler, Hamburg
Opening: June 16, 12 to 6 pm
Exhibition days: June 17-26, 2021

Deux Scénarios pour une collection

Group show with works by Mac Adams and Cally Spooner
Frac Normandie Rouen
13 March - 15 August 2021

Mac Adams, Gone from my sight

A solo show by Mac Adams
gb agency, Paris
From 25 January to 22 February 2020

Activity of Matter

Group show
gb agency, Paris
From November 30th 2019 to January 11th, 2020

Marc Adams, Mens Rea

Solo exhibition
Centro Cultural Fiesp, Sao Paulo
April 18 to July 8, 2018

Mac Adams and Elina Brotherus

A duo show
gb agency
Show from Jan 27th to March 10th, 2018

Mac Adams, Homecoming

A solo show
gb agency
from Feb 3rd to March 25th, 2017

Fiac 2015

Art Fair
Grand Palais, Paris
22-25 October 2015

Mac Adams: Dialogues & Erasure

A solo exhibition by Mac Adams
gb agency
June 7th to July 19th, 2014

The Narrative Void

MUDAM, Luxembourg

Mac Adams

A solo exhibition by Mac Adams
gb agency
From June 25th to July 28th, 2011

Mac Adams, The Narrative Void

Musée Nicephore Niepce, Châlon sur Saône

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Group exhibition
gb agency
27 March to 30 April 2010

Nord, Nord-Ouest

Group show
gb agency
From June 25 to July 25, 2009

Mac Adams: 07-70

Solo show by Mac Adams
gb agency
21 April to 26 May 2007

Mac Adams: Beneath the Shadow

Solo exhibition by Mac Adams
gb agency
9 November to 21 December 2002

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Mac Adams
The Narrative Void, 2010


Texts by Mac Adams, François Cheval, Alexandre Quoi
Musée Nicéphore Nièpce
Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
Editions le bec en l’air
ISBN : 978-2-916073-63-7

Mac Adams
Mens Rea, 2006


Texts by Gaël Teicher, Richard Price, Sarah Weeks, Yoann Gourmel, Jean-Bernard Pouy
Editions de l’Oeil, Paris
English / French
108 pages
ISBN: 2351370325

Mac Adams
Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, 2004

Exhibition catalogue

Musée de Chateauroux
Editions Joca Seria
Text by Nancy Princenthal
139 pages
ISBN 2848090278

Mac Adams
Crimes of Perception, 2001


Editions du Regard
Texts by Judicaël Lavrador, Yannick Vigouroux
English / French, color and B&W illustrations
ISBN : 2-84105-136-6

Exhibition view, Mens rea, A cartografia do mistério, Museum Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, 2021. Curated by Luiz Gustavo Carvalho and Ars et Vita. Photo Marcello Kawase.

Exhibition view, Mens rea, A cartografia do mistério, Museum Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, 2021. Curated by Luiz Gustavo Carvalho and Ars et Vita. Photo Marcello Kawase.

Exhibition view, Mens rea, A cartografia do mistério, Museum Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, 2021. Curated by Luiz Gustavo Carvalho and Ars et Vita. Photo Marcello Kawase.

Exhibition view, Mac Adams: Gone from my sight, gb agency, Paris, 2020

Exhibition view, Mac adams: Mens Rea, A Cartografia do Mistério, Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, 2019

Exhibition view, Mac adams: Mens Rea, A Cartografia do Mistério, Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, 2019

Detail of exhibition view, Mac adams: Mens Rea, A Cartografia do Mistério, Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, 2019

Exhibition view, SoixanteDixSept, Hôtel du Pavot …, Parc Culturel de Rentilly, Paris, 2017

Exhibition View, Mac Adams The Narrative Void, Musée Nicéphore Niepce, Châlon sur Soane, 2010

Exhibition view, Entre Sculpture et Photographie, Musée Rodin, Paris, 2016


Gone from my Sight, 2019
The Liminal Body, 2019
Cartography of a Crime, 2018
Circumstantial Evidence, 2016
Thinking of Nabovok, 2010
Post Modern Tragedies, 1986–2013
Candy, 1981
Greta, 1981
Mystery Fragments, 1981
The Bathroom, 1978
Mystery, Bicycle, 1977
Mystery, The Whisper, 1976–1977
The Homecoming, 1976–2016
Mystery, Cardiff Bus Stop, 1975
Mystery, Conversation, 1975
Scarfs, 1975
Mysteries, 1974–1981
The Predicament, 1974